Endoscopy in Pain Therapy – One day meeting with live surgery – Rome, Nov 24, 2018

Endoscopy in Pain Therapy

Focus on Facet Joint – Sacroiliac Joint – Peripheral nerves
New Endoscopic Approach

The aim of the Course of Endoscopy in Pain Therapy is to develop endoscopic techniques in the treatment of common diseases like Low Back Pain, Sacroileitis and Peripheral nerves pain. This course gives the participants an overview of endoscopic possibilities and new approaches in Pain Therapy.

The course is divided in two sessions, a frontal didactical part with an explanation of anatomy and physiopathology of facet joint pain, sacroliliac pain and peripheral nerves disturbs, and it is followed by a practice part with 2 / 3 surgical procedures performed by Dr. Meloncelli and his equipe with a direct explanation of surgical aspects.


At a glance:

One day meeting with live surgery
Rome, November 24, 2018
9:30 – 17:00

Course director: Dr. Stefano Meloncelli
Secretary: Dr. Ignazio Urti
Faculty: Dr. Marco Divizia, Dr. Giorgio Germani

Casa di Cura „Valle Giulia“
Via Guiseppe de Notaris 2, Roma

Number of Participants: 10
Subscription: 600 Euro

Reservation and information:
Medical Training
phone number:+39 329 771 41 69
email: infomedicaltraining@gmail.com

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