joimax® Launches New iLESSYS® Biportal Interlaminar Endoscopic Surgical System

KARLSRUHE, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–joimax®, the German-based market leader in technologies and training methods for full-endoscopic and minimally invasive spinal surgery, launched its new iLESSYS® Biportal Interlaminar Endoscopic Surgical System for the treatment of spinal disorders at the EUROSPINE 2023 Annual Meeting in Frankfurt and at the SMISS Annual Forum (Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery) in Las Vegas, marking its global debut. This week, it will be presented at the NASS meeting (North American Spine Society) in Los Angeles.


iLESSYS_Biportal illustration showing the biportal approach by joimax into the spine

The new instrument set, iLESSYS® Biportal for unilateral biportal endoscopy (UBE), expands the wide range of joimax® endoscopic offerings by separating the instrument working port from the endoscope, allowing for free relative movement between the two. The iLESSYS® Biportal offers all instruments tailor-made for biportal spinal endoscopy, with:

  • A special Triangulation Tool to simplify the access triangulation of two ports
  • Biportal specific working tubes with inbuilt irrigation outflow control for precise water management
  • Larger, more powerful tools for effective tissue ablation and resection

“This system is excellent and will allow me to perform the surgeries not only biportally but also bimanually,” stated Javier Quillo-Olvera, M.D., spinal neurosurgeon and an expert in biportal surgery at the Brain and Spine Care Group, Querétaro, Mexico. “It allows me to use the iLESSYS® Pro working channel endoscope. I’m excited to use it with my patients.”

EUROSPINE attendees were impressed that this comprehensive system could be used as a biportal system and available for bimanual surgical procedures. Moreover, the iLESSYS® played a key role during the expert talks, spurring debate about when to use the transforaminal (TESSYS®) and when to use the interlaminar (iLESSYS®) approach for a given spinal disease.

“The system will be part of the ESPINEA® training and education program and will be fully implemented in the workshop courses by the end of the year,” commented Wolfgang Ries, CEO and founder of the joimax® group. “We´ve already lined up a range of surgical faculty in Europe (Dr. Ralf Wagner, Dr. Maxime Challali, Dr. Raed Abohussein, Dr. Miguel Loureiro), in the Americas (Dr. Peter Derman, Dr. Meng Huang, Dr. Javier Quillo-Olvera) and in Asia (Prof. Si-Young Park, Dr. Junseok Bae) among others in each of these regions, with many more to follow.”