Expansion of training offerings with technology from Corin and joimax®at the ORSI ACADEMY

Melle, Belgium –(ORSI ACADEMY)- Orsi Academy, the unique training & expertise centre for robotic and minimally invasive surgery in Melle, is once more enhancing its training facilities. With the support of the European Regional Development Fund, made available by VLAIO, it invested in revolutionizing robotic technology from Corin and latest navigation systems from joimax®. This equipment allows Orsi Academy to further expand its offer in clinical disciplines such as navigated spinal surgery, neurosurgery and orthopaedic surgery, particularly in knee and hip replacements. With the investment, Orsi Academy continues to contribute to improve and increase the quality and safety of our modern healthcare system.

“With the investment, Orsi continues to improve and increase the quality and safety of our modern healthcare system.”

Corin’s revolutional orthopaedic OMNIBotics System is designed to enhance precision to the balancing and implantation of knee replacements. This partnership will undoubtedly elevate the standards in training in orthopaedic surgical procedures.

Simultaneously, through a partnership with joimax®, Orsi Academy aims to pioneer advancements in spinal surgery. joimax®’s Intracs System is a smart navigation system based on electromagnetic tracking ensuring an easy and safe access to any spinal target.

The grant from the European Regional Development Fund plays a crucial role in financing the acquisition of these technologies, marking a significant milestone for Orsi Academy. This partnership not only integrates two remarkable platforms into its robotic family but also expands the training offerings, providing healthcare professionals with hands-on experience in the latest minimally invasive techniques.

Giovanni Tegami, Managing Director Corin Belgium

“Corin is honored to collaborate with Orsi Academy in advancing orthopaedic surgery training. Our robotic technology aims to enhance outcomes by restoring proper soft tissue balance and leg alignment, crucial factors in knee replacement success. Through this partnership, we’re eager to contribute to elevating standards in orthopaedic surgical procedures.”

Wolfgang Ries, Founder and CEO of the joimax® Group

“Being able to offer the Intracs® EM navigation system at any course held at the Orsi Academy for training and research needs is huge. It allows participants to directly experience the ease of use in endoscopic spine surgery and learn the difference of non-navigated and fully navigated procedures significantly driving the accelerating adoption rate of endoscopy in spine, which sees very fast growing high level literature on new applications, but also on major patient and surgeon benefits!”

Prof. Dr. Thomas Luyckx, Medical Leadership Orthopaedics Orsi Academy

“We are excited about the possibilities and advancements this collaboration will bring. This grant and collaboration reaffirms our dedication to pushing the boundaries of orthopaedic medical education.”