Year: 2009

First TESSYS® OP performed in the Oberwallis Spitalzentrum in Switzerland

Oberwallis / Switzerland, 24.07.09. The first intervertebral disc operation using the joimax® TESSYS® method for the endoscopic removal of herniated discs was recently performed in the Oberwallis Spitalzentrum in Brig, Switzerland. Dr. med. Uwe Schwarz (pictured left), Chief Physician of orthopaedic surgery, carried out the two and a half hour long procedure to remove a

Second international workshop incorporating live operations using the endoscopic spinal surgery method TESSYS® at the ATOS Private Clinic in Munich

Karlsruhe, 22nd June 2009: On 15th and 16th June the second international joimax® workshop on the endoscopic removal of disc hernias using the TESSYS® method took place in the ATOS Private Clinic in Munich. The highlight of this workshop was the live transmission of three operations, which the 15 workshop participants were able to follow