intENTS® - Interventional Endoscopic Nucleus Therapy Set

intENTS® Lumbar and Cervical are two endoscopic instrument sets used for minimally invasive intradiscal treatment of nerve compressions and discogenic pain.
The goal is to reduce the volume of the nucleus pulposus, thereby achieving decompression of the nerve root.

The intENTS® Family

In order to cover the full range of indications, localizations and patients, we offer intENTS® in different variants.

The intENTS® Lumbar instrument set is equipped with all necessary reusable instruments to gain access to the intradiscal space and reduce the volume of the nucleus pulposus.

The optional Nucleoscope® shaft enables the surgeon to control the surgical site and the procedure result endoscopically.

A ventral access is used for cervical application. The instruments of this set are designed to accommodate the smaller dimensions of the cervical spine.

intents cervical

The joimax® Approach

intENTS® is used for minimally invasive intradiscal treatment of discogenic pain and nerve compression by means of intradiscal endoscopic nucleus therapy. Depending on the indication, nociceptors are coagulated to reduce pain, or the volume of the nucleuspulposus is reduced to alleviate pressure from the nerve.

Selected Indications

  • Discogenic Pain / Annular Fissures
  • Protrusion of a disc (intervertebral disc protusion)
  • Disc prolapse without a complete tear of the fibrous ring


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Innovative Solutions – Unique Benefits

  • Smaller incision
  • Less trauma/less scarring/better cosmesis
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Less pain
  • Improvement of pain and mobility, improved quality of life
  • Faster recovery time

intENTS® Gallery

Scientific Literature for intENTS®

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