Karlsruhe – At a ceremony in Paris two TESSYS® pioneers received the Parviz Kambin Honorary Award: Dr. Florian Maria Alfen from Würzburg, Germany, who in 2003 acquired the first TESSYS® complete system and has successfully performed more than 2,500 procedures. As a member of the joimax® Faculty, Dr. Alfen has trained many doctors. The second award winner is Dr. Daniel Laich from Chicago, U.S.A. He is the first TESSYS® user in the United States and has been a Faculty member since 2009, as well as a scientific adviser for the company with his extensive experience of TESSYS®.

Since 2004 more than 100,000 patients in 30 countries (up to August 2014) have undergone surgery with the TESSYS® method and its later developments. The latest studies reveal a shorter recovery time, a quicker return to work and normal quality of life, and an associated reduction in the impact on welfare systems.