Karlsruhe – Since 2004 more than 100,000 patients in 30 countries (up to August 2014) have undergone surgery with the TESSYS® method and its later developments. The latest studies reveal a shorter recovery time, a quicker return to work and normal quality of life, and an associated reduction in the impact on welfare systems.

joimax® looks back on 10 years of successful application of the TESSYS® procedure for minimally invasive endoscopic removal of herniated discs – a particularly gentle surgical technique using the naturally occurring transforaminal opening to the spinal canal. TESSYS® was the first product that joimax® launched onto the market and it helped the company make its breakthrough. Since then, joimax® has greatly diversified its product portfolio for 360° surgery in virtually all areas of the spinal column, including endoscopic and percutaneous stabilization.