DWG 2016 in Hannover, Germany: joimax® shows major presence with daily lunch symposia and Meet the Expert Sessions at its booth

Karlsruhe, Germany – December 8th, 2016 – from Dec 1st to 3rd, 2016 the most important German spine congress has taken place at the Hannover Congress Centre. joimax® as global acting German developer and marketer of technologies and training methods for endoscopic minimally invasive spinal surgery again exhibited at the 11th congress of the German Spine Society (DWG). The congress attracted an increasing number of attendees who gathered for the latest news on spinal surgery as well as to learn about the techniques and results of endoscopic spine surgery and the benefits of these techniques for both the surgeon and their patients.

dwg_2016joimax® presented its complete product range including the newly launched MultiZYTE® RT (e.g. for rhizotomy) as well as MultiZYTE® SI for Sacroiliac Joint therapy and the Intracs® Interaoperative Navigation Tracking & Control System. With Intracs®, a fully endoscopic integrated electromagnetic based system, the joimax® instruments can be navigated directly at the tip which allows tracking of instruments with a diameter in the 1mm range. In the course of the congress joimax® also held two well attended lunch symposia covering the whole scope of surgical indications and also the field of pain therapy up to decompression. Furthermore joimax® offered daily “Meet the Expert”-Sessions at its booth where spine surgeons were given the possibility to participate on the extensive experience of well-known German spine specialists.



From left to right: Dr. Menno Iprenburg, NL; Awardee Alastair Gibson, MD, Scotland; Dr. Ralf Wagner, Germany; Wolfgang Ries, Founder & CEO joimax® GmbH

From left to right: Dr. Menno Iprenburg, NL; Awardee Alastair Gibson, MD, Scotland; Dr. Ralf Wagner, Germany; Wolfgang Ries, Founder & CEO joimax® GmbH

“The endoscopic minimally invasive techniques are becoming more and more the first choice in spinal surgery. This is also reflected in the steadily and now fast growing number of studies showing the benefits on this treatment modalities”, says Wolfgang Ries, CEO and founder of joimax®. The most recent study by Alastair Gibson, MD from Edinburgh, Scotland called “A randomized controlled trial of TED vs Microdiscectomy” has recently been published online in the European Spine Journal.  During his long-time use of joimax® endoscopic systems and educational work Dr. Gibson published a huge number of studies on endoscopic minimally invasive spinal surgery. Lately in October 2016 joimax®, together with the Paracelsus Medical University (PMU), had the honor of conferring him with the Parviz Kambin Award for his excellence in endoscopic spinal surgery. This event took place during the CME-certified workshop course held at the PMU in Salzburg, Austria. The Award is presented to pioneers in the field of endoscopic minimally invasive spine surgery, to which group of Awardees Alastair Gibson was elected there.




About joimax®

Founded in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 2001, joimax® is the leading developer and marketer of complete systems for endoscopic minimally invasive spinal surgery. With TESSYS® (transforaminal), iLESSYS® (interlaminar) and CESSYS® (cervical) for decompression procedures, MultiZYTE® RT (e.g. for rhizotomy) and with MultiZYTE® SI for SI-Joint therapy or with EndoLIF® and Percusys® for endoscopic minimally-invasive assisted stabilizations, proven endoscopic systems are provided that, together, cover a whole variety of indications.

With the newly launched Intracs® system, navigation is now faster, safer and more accurate than ever before using an electromagnetic (EM) field.

In procedures for herniated disc, stenosis, pain therapy or spinal stabilization treatment, surgeons utilize joimax® technologies to operate through small incisions – under local or full anesthetic – via tissue and muscle-sparing corridors through natural openings into the spinal canal (e.g. intervertebral foramen, the “Kambin triangle”).


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