standard-title PAIN THERAPY


Pain Therapy


Endoscopic minimally invasive treatment of the facet joint (zygapophyseal joint)

MultiZYTE® RT is an instrument set for the endoscopic minimally invasive treatment of the facet joint. Under endoscopic view, the spine specialist can treat pain-generating nerve fibers. Due to the endoscopic procedure, the tissue is spared, muscles and ligaments are not traumatized. As a result, the stability of the spine is maintained. All the instruments needed for the treatment are included in the MultiZYTE® RT instrument set. Also specifically developed endoscopes are available for this procedure. Several studies have shown the effectiveness of this method and the high success of the therapy.


Minimally invasive endoscopic treatment of the sacroiliac joint syndrome

With MultiZYTE® SI joimax® provides physicians an instrument set for the treatment of the SI-Joint Syndrome. Under endoscopic view nerve fibers are identified and then ablated in a very precise and controlled way, so that the patient will feel a significant pain relief almost immediately after the procedure. Depending on the indication the joint capsule can be treated in the same procedure using diverse instruments to puncture, infiltrate or ablate tissue.


Interventional and intradiscal endoscopic nucleus therapy sets

intENTS® Lumbar is an intradiscal endoscopic nucleus therapy kit, designed for the minimally invasive treatment of nerve compressions and discogenic pain in the lumbar and cervical spine. intENTS® Lumbar allows the minimally invasive decompression of the nerve root, reducing the volume of the nucleus tissue with forceps or probe. In addition, cracks in the dorsal annulus curvarture can be treated.

intENTS® Cervical is an intradiscal endoscopic nucleus therapy set for the minimally invasive treatment of nerve compression and cervical discogenic pain. A treatment option is the volume reduction of the nucleus pulposus, thus achieving a decompression of the nerve roots. In addition nociceptors in the dorsal annulus curvature can be abandoned with a radio frequency probe.