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joimax® is the leading developer and provider of complete systems for minimally invasive endoscopic spinal surgery. With TESSYS® (transforaminal), iLESSYS® (interlaminar), CESSYS® (cervical) or with Multiuse RT (e.g. for rhizotomy) there are proven endoscopic systems that together cover a variety of indications. Whether herniated disc, stenosis or pain therapy - surgeons operate through a single small incision under local anaesthetic via tissue and muscle sparing through natural openings into the spinal canal (e.g. intervertebral foramen).


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TESSYS Animation Prone Position

TESSYS® Animation

Endoscopic disc surgery uses the transforaminal approach – minimally invasive and maximally gentle.

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Multiuse RT

Multiuse RT Animation

Pain therapy: minimally invasive endoscopic
treatment of the facet joint

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New Literature & Studies

Early experience with cervical endoscopic spinal surgery (CESS): a potential adjunct to ACDF/disc arthroplasty
Gavin S.C. Brown, J N Alastair Gibson; Poster BASS 2015

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Validation and Analysis of a Multi-site MIS Prospective Registry Through Sub-analysis of an MIS TLIF Subgroup
Joseph A. Sclafani MD, Kamshad Raiszadeh MD, Ramin Raiszadeh MD, Paul Kim MD, Todd Doerr MD, Farhan Siddiqi MD, Ivan LaMotta MD, Paul Park MD, Cary Templin MD, Sandeep Gill, Kevin Liang PhD, Choll W. Kim MD, PhD
In: International Journal of Spine Surgery 2014, 8:4–4.

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Clinical Benefits of Ultra-Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Awake Obese Patients in an Outpatient Setting: A Retrospective Evaluation of Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy with Foraminotomy
Gabriele P Jasper, Gina M Francisco, David B Choi, Deus Cielo, Curtis E Doberstein and Albert E Telfeian
In: JSM Neurosurg Spine 2014 2(5): 1041

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