At the same time joimax® Inc., the US subsidiary celebrates its fifth anniversary, exhibits at the AANS and for the first time awards the Parviz Kambin prize in the frame of the second international TESSYS®-User Meeting in Denver, USA.



Karlsruhe, April 6, 2011. joimax® GmbH holds the 2nd International TESSYS® User Meeting in Denver, USA on April 9th and 10th. At this event, the Karlsruhe based medical device
company starts the celebration activities on the occasion of its 10th anniversary in Germany and its 5th year of existence worldwide – a special occasion in combination with the AANS
Annual Scientific Meeting (American Association of Neurological Surgeons) from April 9th – 13th, 2011.

„We are particularly proud to announce the first ever Parviz Kambin Award“, says Wolfgang Ries, founder and CEO of joimax® GmbH. „With this award we value the neurosurgeon Dr.
Parviz Kambin’s research and work as an important pioneer in the field of minimally invasive spinal surgery. The TESSYS® procedure uses what is known as the Kambin-triangle as its
point of access to the spinal canal.“

The User Meeting offers an optimal platform for TESSYS® users, surgeons, scientists and sales partners to share their experience with the method, further technologies and case
studies as well as learn and test new products and techniques such as the iLESSYS® System, now being launched.

On April 9th, joimax® starts its celebrations with an advanced cadaver workshop which focuses on endoscopic spinal stenosis treatment with TESSYS® Stenosis, the Shrill® Shaver
Drill System and now iLESSYS® method as well. The iLESSYS® method enables the surgeon to fully endoscopically remove transforaminally difficult-to-reach herniated discs and also
stenoses via an interlaminar approach.

The joimax® founder Wolfgang Ries will also give an overview of the history of the company reflecting the past five and ten years of the company and will also provide an outlook on
future products and systems.

The scientific program of the event will include a variety of technical lectures, presentations and discussions on the TESSYS® method including reports on first experiences with the
Shrill® System and iLESSYS®.