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joimax® goes HD: HD Technology for superior safety in endoscopic spinal surgery

Camsource®HD camera systems, HD endoscopes and HD flat screen monitors by joimax® at the 5th German Spine Congress (5. Deutscher Wirbelsäulenkongress) in Bremen, Germany Karlsruhe, December 2010: The 5th German Spine Congress (5. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Wirbelsäulengesellschaft (DWG) will take place from 16 to 18 December 2010 at the Congress Centre in Bremen. joimax® is

joimax® successfully carries out 5th International Live Surgery Workshop in cooperation with APEX Spine Center

joimax® hosts another international endoscopy workshop focussed on spine surgery supported by renowned spine specialists Karlsruhe, 15 October 2010 – On 14 and 15 October the Klinikum Starnberg, Munich, as well as the anatomy of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany, were the site of a two-day joimax® workshop focussed on the endoscopic resection of herniated discs

„Shrill®“ – The new Shaver Drill System by joimax® for the treatment of spinal stenosis

Karlsruhe, 14 September 2010: Just in time before the major international fall congresses joimax® launches the „Shrill®“, another technical highlight for the broader application of the TESSYS® spine surgery technique. This multifunctional drill and resection system removes both soft and solid structures effortlessly and safely and hence completes the TESSYS® method for stenotic patients. The

joimax® moves into larger premises

joimax® invests in the future and moves into new offices in the US and in Germany Irvine, USA / Karlsruhe, Germany – 14. Juni 2010 – The medical devices company joimax® GmbH is moving into new premises both in Germany and the US. „Growth requires space“ had already been the motto of the last company

joimax® holds the first international TESSYS® User Meeting in Veenhuizen, The Netherlands, and announces the launch of various new products for endoscopic spinal surgery

Karlsruhe, 12. May 2010. On 14 and 15 May 2010 joimax® GmbH holds the first international user meeting of endoscopic spinal surgery in Veenhuizen/Netherlands. Besides the ten reference surgeons about 30 participants and customers from Germany, Europe, the United States and other countries are expected to join the meeting. The scientific program comprises atwo-days conference

Live TESSYS® operation at the 4th German Spine Congress, Munich

From December 10th-12th 2009, joimax® took part in the 4th German Spine Congress (DWG) in Munich. This congress has advanced to become the largest spine congress in Europe, overtaking the Eurospine. The DWG offered joimax® the opportunity to transmit a live operation into a conference room for the first time at a German spine congress.

Third international workshop on endoscopic spinal surgery using the TESSYS® method incorporating live operations

joimax® and the ATOS Private Clinic Munich present their largest international endoscopy workshop so far. Karlsruhe, 16th September 2009: On 14th and 15th September a joimax® workshop on the endoscopic removal of disc herniations using the TESSYS® method took place in the ATOS Private Clinic Munich for the third time. A highlight of this international

First TESSYS® OP performed in the Oberwallis Spitalzentrum in Switzerland

Oberwallis / Switzerland, 24.07.09. The first intervertebral disc operation using the joimax® TESSYS® method for the endoscopic removal of herniated discs was recently performed in the Oberwallis Spitalzentrum in Brig, Switzerland. Dr. med. Uwe Schwarz (pictured left), Chief Physician of orthopaedic surgery, carried out the two and a half hour long procedure to remove a

Second international workshop incorporating live operations using the endoscopic spinal surgery method TESSYS® at the ATOS Private Clinic in Munich

Karlsruhe, 22nd June 2009: On 15th and 16th June the second international joimax® workshop on the endoscopic removal of disc hernias using the TESSYS® method took place in the ATOS Private Clinic in Munich. The highlight of this workshop was the live transmission of three operations, which the 15 workshop participants were able to follow