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ESPINEA® - Endoscopic Spine Academy | Workshop Information and Impressions

 Endoscopic Spine workshops will consist of a 2-hour virtual theoretical discussions (via Zoom), followed by one full day of hands-on cadaver training (Friday or Saturday). Level 1 – student to faculty ratio capped at 8 attendees per instructor; Levels 1-2 and 3-4 capped at 4 attendees per instructor.

The online webinar subject corresponds to each workshop level, before the on-site workshop.

General Information

Principles of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

This workshop provides attendees with the opportunity to get hands-on with an endoscope.

  • Experience the ergonomics of spinal endoscopy
  • Learn about indications and the range of applications of spinal endoscopy
  • Get questions addressed by an experienced surgeon faculty member

Target Group

Spine Surgeons and pain therapy physicians wanting to learn more about spinal endoscopy before committing to full training and hospital advocacy.

Endo-Facet-SI-Discogenic Pain Management

This workshop will provide profound theoretical and practical knowledge on endoscopic pain therapy.

  • Facet and sacroiliac joint treatment: MultiZYTE® Facet and MultiZYTE® Sacroiliac
  • Interventional lumbar and cervical nucleus therapy: intENTS®
  • Application and options of the electromagnetic navigation system: Intracs® em

Target Group

Surgeons and pain therapists with experience in spinal therapy.

360° Endo-Deherniation/Decompression Management up to 360° Endo-(Stenotic) Decompression

This workshop provides profound theoretical and practical knowledge on endoscopic
deherniation/decompression and on endoscopic bony decompression.
If desired, endoscopic facet and sacroiliac joint therapy can also be addressed.

  • Transforaminal and interlaminar endoscopic access to the spinal canal for the treatment of lumbar disc herniations and foraminal as well as lateral recess stenosis (TESSYS®, iLESSYS® Pro and iLESSYS® Delta systems)
  • Application and options of an electromagnetic navigation system (Intracs® em)
  • Upon request: Endoscopic Facet-SI-Discogenic Pain Management facet joint and sacroiliac joint treatment

Target Group

Surgeons from various disciplines, with little or no experience in endoscopic spine therapy/spine surgery and interest in learning the latest techniques in minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery – focus on the lumbar spine.

This workshop is set up for surgeons; pain therapists must meet certain requirements.

360° Endo-(Stenotic) Decompression & Stabilization

This workshop provides profound theoretical and practical knowledge on endoscopic decompression of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine as well as minimally-invasive stabilization.

  • Transforaminal and interlaminar access for decompression of the lumbar spine (migrated disc herniations, foraminal, lateral recess stenosis) and central herniations of the lumbar and thoracic spine (TESSYS®, TESSYS® Thx, iLESSYS® Pro and iLESSYS® Delta)
  • Endoscopically assisted stabilization with a percutaneous screw-rod sytem and implantation of cages with over-the-wire technique (Percusys® Plus and EndoLIF®)
  • Application and options of an electromagnetic navigation system (Intracs® em)
  • Upon request: Cervical decompression (CESSYS® Dorsal and CESSYS® Ventral) and treatment of the cervical facet joints (MultiZYTE® Facet Cervical)

Target Group

Surgeons from various disciplines experienced in endoscopic transforaminal and interlaminar access who want to expand the range of indications.

For surgeons only

Upgrade Workshop

These upgrade events are designed and tailored to support surgeons who want to take their first deepening steps in endoscopy. At the events, we provide an overview of endoscopy and break down each surgeon‘s career path to show them how they can advance endoscopically.

Three participants, as well as an ESPINEA® faculty member, will discuss new techniques and case reports, both from the portfolios of all attendees, to exchange the experiences in the operating room. Thus, allowing us to see where each surgeon is in their endoscopy career and how they can overcome any obstacles or uncertainties. With the guidance from a seasoned veteran, everything is possible.

Target Group

Surgeons experienced in endoscopic procedures who want to expand their range of indications.

Please note:
Own images and case reports are mandatory.
Only three participants per upgrade workshop. All participants need to have endoscopic experience.

During the workshop, participants will learn to plan and perform proper endoscopic access to the spine. The treatment of herniated discs and the performance of bony decompression will also be trained. Endoscopic pain treatment and stabilization options will be demonstrated and practiced in specific courses.

In all courses the electromagnetic navigation system Intracs® em is demonstrated and applied.

Course Language: International workshops are held in English. For specific groups, courses can be held in the participants‘ native language.

Accommodations: We are happy to reserve hotel accommodations at the joimax® rate. Costs for hotel accommodations and flights are the responsibility of the participant.

Certification: joimax® workshops are accredited by The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. CPD credits are available for International Workshops. CPD points currently do not translate to US equivalent CME units.

General Terms and Conditions

Workshop Registration
Registrations for the training programs must be made in writing or online www.joimax.com. Decision on participation will be based on the order in which registration forms are received. We do not reserve places.

Order Confirmation
Registration will be confirmed by a separate email.

If you need to cancel your registration, please submit in writing as soon as possible.

All workshops contain online theoretical lectures and on-site intense practical training. Access planning and training of surgical techniques as well as handling the instruments and endoscopic orientation are trained on an anatomical specimens, supported by preparative training on saw-bones and simulators.

The workstations are equipped with C-arms, endoscopy towers, and surgical instrumentation by joimax®. X-ray protection is provided.

There are 2 to 5 workstations per course with a maximum of 4-5 participants per station.

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