Karlsruhe, 14 September 2010: Just in time before the major international fall congresses joimax® launches the „Shrill®“, another technical highlight for the broader application of the TESSYS® spine surgery technique. This multifunctional drill and resection system removes both soft and solid structures effortlessly and safely and hence completes the TESSYS® method for stenotic patients.

The obvious advantages for the surgeon: Shrill® is easy to program, enables intuitional use and it can be operated with buttons on the hand piece or the foot switch. The different shaver blades allow for safe and reliable removal of bone, soft or scar tissue in immediate vicinity of nerves.
The integrated irrigation and suction control provides a clear view on the operation area at all times.

„With this instrument we are now able to successfully operate spinal stenoses fully endoscopically“, says Dr. Menno Iprenburg, one of the first users of the TESSYS® System. „Decompressions of nerve structures in various levels of the spine under endoscopical view are now possible in one surgical session“, states Dr. Ralf Wagner, being an expert in this new surgery technique.

The advantages for the patient are evident as with all other joimax instruments: safety even in sensitive areas, fast pain relieve and regaining quality of life due to the minimal invasive surgery method.

Last but not least the advantage for the health care system: The short recovery time of the patient reduces cost to the patient and health insurance!