Schwarz_Alfen_Erste TESSYS_135_klein

Oberwallis / Switzerland, 24.07.09. The first intervertebral disc operation using the joimax® TESSYS® method for the endoscopic removal of herniated discs was recently performed in the Oberwallis Spitalzentrum in Brig, Switzerland. Dr. med. Uwe Schwarz (pictured left), Chief Physician of orthopaedic surgery, carried out the two and a half hour long procedure to remove a lumbar disc herniation together with spine specialist and joimax® Senior Faculty Member Dr. Florian Maria Alfen from Würzburg (pictured right). The patient was able to leave the hospital on the same day.

About joimax®. The young and innovative medical technology company dedicates itself to combined surgical technologies (“joined minimal access technologies”), particularly in the area of spinal treatment. joimax® develops, produces and markets tried and tested user-friendly systems for endoscopic spinal surgery, always staying on top with the latest technology. With extensively trained staff amassing years of industry experience, joimax® has acquired key skills in the areas of equipment technology, systems, hard and software, instrumentation, endoscopes, disposable products, implants and x-ray protection. With the comprehensive education program which incorporates workshops, visitations and operations accompanied by an experienced application specialist, the implementation of the procedure will be supported right from the start. joimax® considers itself a partner of operating physicians, bearing the motto “helping to treat patients!”.