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Implants for spinal stabilization

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Lumbar Interbody Fusion

EndoLIF® is an instrument set for endoscopic assisted minimally invasive lumbar interbody fusion.
Because of the access through gradual dilation of the soft tissue by special dilators this approach is especially tissue-conserving. The working tube contains 2 cusps for anchoring in the annulus and distracting the disc space. It is optimized for the use of the EndoLIF® O-Cage, a cannulated titanium alloy cage for guided implantation over a wire.

Innovative percutaneous screw-rod-system

The patented Percusys® screw-rod-system is developed for spinal stabilization procedures. The small, clear instrument set can be used for both, open and percutaneous procedures. Percusys® offers a more efficient surgical technique with a high level of safety and control, e.g. the Percusys® screws are firmly connected with the characteristic lengthening shaft to make the surgery easier for the surgeon. The patient benefits from shorter rehabilitation period due to significantly smaller incisions.