Karlsruhe – As its latest development, joimax® presents the EndoLIF® system for endoscopic stabilization of the lumbar spine. The EndoLIF® system includes an O-cage
(oblique cage) in addition to fully endoscopic access technology to the intervertebral disc space with the proven TESSYS® or iLESSYS® technique. In addition, there is Percusys®, a screw and rod system for posterior percutaneous stabilization.

The advantages of this procedure are clear:

• Smooth, atraumatic access due to dilation of tissue
• Dura and nerves are protected by the working tubes
• Dorsal bone structures are unaffected
• O-cage made from titanium with honeycomb structure as optimal subsurface for cell growth
• Percutaneous stabilization with a screw and rod system, so minimally invasive too Both new systems are CE approved, not yet FDA cleared.