standard-title X-RAY PROTECTION


joimax® offers X-ray protective equipment to keep the user safe from radiation during the procedures.

joimax® User Protection Program

Lead-free radiation protection for the safety-conscious user. Available in different configurations as well as with personal monogram.

  • joimax® User Protection System made up of stable compound of various light metals
  • Through combination of different materials, high flexibility is achieved
  • Lead-free radiation protection
  • Up to 35 % reduction in weight
  • Full protection from 80 to 120 kV
  • Environmentally friendly – recyclable
  • Latex and vinyl free

User protection apron, tyroid collar, glasses


Quick Drop Apron

  • Worn over the scrub suit or under the gown
  • Designed for quick removal without breaking the sterile field following X-ray procedures
  • 0.50 mm Pb equivalency
  • Provides maximum comfort and weight distribution
  • An extra shoulder strap and two flexible cross back straps take the weight off your shoulders

 Availiable in female and male sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and 3XL



Thyroid Collar

  • Provides full protection and high flexibility
  • Velcro closure allows free positioning
  • 0.50 mm Pb equivalency    

 Availiable in unisex sizes S, M, L and XL



Radiation protective glasses fitover

  • The front lense provides 0.75 mm lead equivalency protection
  • Made to wear over prescription eyewear   


Radiation protective glasses wrap-around

  • The front lense provides 0.75 mm lead equivalency protection



Back Relief Belt

  • Composed of neoprene bonded elastic
  • Featuring high quality components, the belt does not lose elasticity
  • Nonslip adjustable buckle ensures a secure fit

 Availiable in female and male sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL


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