standard-title KYVERMENT®


Kyverment® – PMMA Cement for Kypho- and Vertebroplasty

Kyverment® is a radiopaque PMMA cement especially developed for the treatment of vertebral body fractures.


sterile kyverment package


  • Easy preparation in practical mixing cylinder
  • Optimal fluidity for easy and fast application
  • Outstanding viscosity for excellent control during the injection
  • Immediate visualization of the injected resin, thanks to high content of barium sulfate USP microdispersed and non-sedimentable
  • Adequate volume (22 ml) for one or more injections
  • Excellent compression characteristics


kyvermetn bone cement

vba management steps cement shaking


1. Loosen the powder before adding the liquid.

2. Open the lid of the cylinder and add the liquid completely.

3. Close the cylinder and mix the two components vigorously for 60 seconds.

4. Fill the cement mixture into syringes.

5. Use the syringe for filling the applicator system.