standard-title KYPHOPLASTY


joimax® SPASYTM* – Ballon Kyphoplasty System

Balloon Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive percutaneous procedure to stabilize the spine. It is a good alternative therapy for patients when conservative methods such as bed rest, analgesics and support corsets are ineffective. The joimax® SPASY Kyphoplasty system compensates for fracture-induced loss of height and change in kyphotic angle. The customer-specific joimax® SPASY Balloon Kyphoplasty products are available as a set or individual components. All components are individually sterile packed – better for cost efficiency as only those used are opened. The set composition have been developed working together with our customers.

kyverment bone cement pump

 There are three different joimax® sets available:

  • SPASY Standard
    with 2 balloon catheters
  • SPASY Mono
    with 1 balloon catheter
  • SPASY Quick
    with 2 balloon catheters, with an 8G access needle for quick entry to the vertebral body

The components features:

  • Ergonomically optimized and stable instruments
  • Color coded instruments for ease of use
  • Outstanding cost/benefit ratio


Balloon catheter

  • Balloon catheter with flexible or rigid shaft
  • 3 different balloon sizes (10 mm/4 ml, 15 mm/4 ml,
    20 mm/6 ml) balloon length from marker to marker
  • Integrated and fixed stylet

stiff balloon katheter flexible balloon katheter


Needles and working cannulas

  • Impact-resistant and ergonomic handles with a metal insert
  • 11G starter needle for standard and mono sets (red)
  • 8G working cannulas for standard and mono sets (blue)
  • 8G combined starter needle and working cannula in the quick-set – quick access without a wire guide



Cement applicators and drills

  • Ergonomic handles
  • Easy to apply cement
  • 1.5 ml volume and markers (1/3, 2/3, 3/3)



VBA Management drill VBA Management canula


* SPASYTM is a trademark of Seawon MEDITECH Ltd.