standard-title MultiZYTE® RT INDICATION


MultiZYTE® RT can be used for various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures on the spinal column. It is suitable for procedures such as periradicular therapy (PRT) and facet joint blocks. Prior to any procedure on the spine, including rhizotomies, extensive clinical diagnostics, MRI and/or CT complemented by conventional X-ray imaging, need to be performed. Facet joint infiltration or myelography can confirm the location of the level of the facet joints generating the pain.

multiuse L3-L5 irritation

Facet joint denervation with Legato® probe
under endoscopic view


Pain therapy with Radiofrequency

In a degenerative facet joint syndrome there is the possibility of minimally invasive infiltration of the respective facet joints. First, under visual control, a local anesthetic is performed to find out whether there is pain relief or disability. If this is the case, the conductivity of the nervous system, which triggers the pain, can be interrupted by radio frequency. The MultiZYTE® RT instrument set are optimally adapted to the various interventions on the spine.


When is the endoscopic facet joint treatment recommended?

  • The patient has lumbar back pain lasting more than 6 weeks and not responding to a conservative treatment
  • Palpation of the facet joint causes severe pressure pain and muscle spasm
  • The patient is restricted in movement in the lumbar spine, in particular in the ‘posterior bending’
  • A blockage of the facet joint or the medial nerve branch confirms that the pain is triggered by the facet joint

 In order to reduce the pressure, the facet joint
is opened under endoscopic vision.


Advantages of facet joint denervation

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Small incision and minimal scar tissue
  • Short recovery time
  • High success rate and sustained success of the therapy1
  • No or minimal blood loss
  • Short regeneration time
  • Possible use of local anesthesia
  • Spinal mobility is maintained



  • Chronic lumbar back pain
  • Facet joint hypertrophy
  • Facet articular arthritis
  • Postdiscectomy syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Cervical trauma


1) Scott M.W. Haufe, Anthony R. Mork: Endoscopic Facet Debridement for the treatment of facet arthritic pain – a novel new technique
In: International Journal of Medical Sciences, 2010; 7(3):120-123