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joimax® MultiZYTE® RT Instruments




MultiZYTE® RT instruments are designed for optimal treatment of the facet joints. Access is directly to the base of the processus transversus. This can be accomplished by gradual dilation (Seldinger technique) using a guiding rod, guiding tube and working tube. Alternatively, a double-cannulated guiding rod can be positioned directly onto the processus transversus using the guiding wire.



  • C-Version
    User-friendly combined camera cable adapter for a camera and light source using single-cable technology. Designed for all generations of joimax® cameras.



  • D-Version
    Two-cable technology; camera and light source have separate cables; developed for compatibility with most standard camera and light-source systems.

Modern Full HD endoscopes (Multiscopes) provide a perfect view of the facet joint treatment. The Multiscopes are available in a modern C-version with single-cable technology (combo) or a
D-version with ocular cone technology.

  • Working length 125 mm
  • External diameter 5.8 mm
  • Working channel interior diameter 3.1 mm
  • Optical angle 30°
  • Irrigation channel and suction channel (each 1.4 mm)

Instruments for manual intervention

The set contains three important tools for cutting, grasping and punching through tissue. They are used to cut through tissue structures and remove tissue
(e.g. for a biopsy).

The forceps are equipped with the patented „Luer Overload Protection System – LOPS“. This prevents overtensioning of the forceps and guarantees a longer service life.


Vaporflex® bipolar and Legato® monopolar and bipolar RF probes


joimax® radiofrequency probes are suitable for cutting, coagulating and devitalizing tissue. The facet joints are treated efficiently with pinpoint precision endoscopically controlled. Denervation of these joints can produce long lasting pain relief.
The handles of the probes are reusable and fitted with disposable probes. The Vaporflex® and Legato® probes are operated with a suitable RF/HF generator, e.g. the joimax® Endovapor®2 (not yet FDA cleared).


Legato® probe monopolar (disposable) with handpiece (reusable)
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Legato® probe bipolar (disposable) with handpiece (reusable)
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Vaporflex® probe bipolar (disposable) with handle (reusable)
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Legato® probe monopolar

Vaporflex® probe bipolar