standard-title MultiZYTE® RT INSTRUMENTS


MultiZYTE® RT – surgical instruments

The joimax® MultiZYTE® RT  is a set of special instruments for endoscopic treatment of facet joint pathology.

Shaverblades are available for the treatment of hypertrophic facet joints under endoscopic vision.

Under endoscopic view of the facet joint can be opened, and thus relieves pressure.

Under endoscopic view of the facet joint can be opened, which relieves pressure.





joimax® Multiscopes

The set includes a specific 30 degree Multiscope providing for very gentle yet effective access to the posterior aspect of the cervical and lumbar spine. It is available in two versions:

  • Version C: Convenient combined adaptor for camera and light source with a single cable technique.
    To be used with joimax® C-Camsource® HD Twister.



  • Version D: dual cable technique. Separate standard adaptors for camera and light source to be attached to joimax® D-Camsource® HD LED or most other commercially available camera and light systems.



joimax® Multiscopes: These endoscopes have a working length of 125 mm and an outer diameter of only 5,8 mm. They provide a convenient working channel diameter of more than 3,1 mm and two irrigation channels.


joimax® RF probes (monopolar and bipolar)

With the radiofrequency probes Legato® monopolar and bipolar chronic, degenerative back pain can be treated under endoscopic view with pinpoint accuracy. Percutaneous facet joint denervation (neurolysis of the Ramus medialis) has proven to be an effective form of treatment. Also neck pain after whiplash injury or in degenerative spinal changes are a grateful indication for the use of radiofrequency technology. With the denervation of these joints excellent and lasting results can be achieved.


Legato® probe monopolar

Legato® probe bipolar