standard-title intENTS® Lumbar – Instruments

intENTS® Lumbar – Instruments

intENTS® Lumbar Instrument set

The instruments in the tray enable two access options:

Option 1:     Gradual dilation up to the required working tube
Option 2:    In one step with the cannulated nucleoscope shaft

The straight biopsy forceps can be inserted both through the green guiding tube (working diameter 3.8 mm) and the nucleoscope shaft (working diameter 4.0 mm); the flexible forceps can only be inserted through the nucleoscope shaft however, due to their curve. Nucleoscope, nucleoscope shaft and obturator are available as options. Brackets for them are already included in the intENTS® Lumbar instrument tray.

One feature of the Vaporflex® radio-frequency probe is the moving probe tip, which enables almost all areas of the nucleus to be reached. The probe can also be inserted through the nucleoscope shaft and
the green guiding tube into the nucleus.
For disc access with Seldinger technique, there are single sterile packed needle and guide wire sets available. The probe is also single sterile packed. All other instruments and also the nucleoscope are reusable.


intENTS® Lumbar instrument set


Needle and guide wire set, single sterile packed

intENTS instruments tray probe

Sterlization tray for Vaporflex® hand piece, shaft and cable