standard-title TESSYS® INDICATION


Indications for herniated intervertebral disc surgery with TESSYS®


The TESSYS® method can be used to remove almost all herniated discs and sequesters – irrespective of their position – through the lateral, transforaminal access under analgesic sedation.

The TESSYS® surgery is indicated for all radicular symptoms caused by herniated discs that were not improved by conservative therapeutical methods. Cauda equina syndrome indicates an immediate reason for surgery. Every surgical procedure on a spinal disc, including the TESSYS® surgery, has to be carefully prepared by using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and/or computer tomography (CT), as well as multiple conventional x-ray images.

Selected indications

  • Herniated discs of the lumbar and thoracic spine
  • Foraminal stenosis and recess stenosis
  • Hypertrophies of the ligamentum flavum
  • Lumbar osteophytes
  • Repeat or follow up operations (scarring after other operations)
  • Ventral facet joint cysts

Before and after surgery

joimax-tessys-l3-l4-ateral-kranial-intraforaminal43-year-old man: L3-L4, lateral cranial (intraforaminal)

joimax-tessys-l5-s1-links-kaudal49-year-old man: L5-S1, left caudal

bandscheibenvorfall-eingefarbt-vorher-nachherHerniated disc (colored) and exposed nerve root (r.)