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The complete TESSYS® instrument system

The TESSYS® Instrument System contains more than 50 special instruments for a minimally invasive spinal surgery.

All TESSYS® instruments (guiding rods, guiding tubes, disposable reamers and push ejectors) are logically color coded. The green instruments have the smallest diameter, the red ones the largest.


A perfect view: joimax endoscopes

All Full HD foraminoscopes are available in two versions, the C version with modern single cable technique and the D version with dual cable technique (ocular connection).



  • D version: Dual cable technique. Separate standard adapters for camera and light source to be attached to joimax® D-Camsource® HD LED or most other commercially available camera and light system.



joimax offers both versions with two different sizes: 

  • 6.3 mm outer diameter, 3.7 mm working channel
  • 7.3 mm outer diameter, 4.7 mm working channel

All versions have an optical angle of 30°, and flush and suction channels with an interior diameter of 1.5 mm. The endoscopes are available with working lengths of 171 mm and 208 mm. We recommend the longer endoscope for patients with a weight of 120 kg and above.


Precise and long-lasting: TESSYS® forceps

joimax offers forceps in different length, shafts and jaws. Our forceps are equipped with the patented ‘Luer Overload Protection System’ (LOPS), which avoids overstretching to guarantee a long life cycle.

An effective cleaning of the forceps is ensured by the rinsing connection at the shaft of the forceps. To grasp and remove emigrated tissue (up/down) the semiflexible forceps are designed.



Vaporflex® probe, bipolar

The Vaporflex® probe bipolar consists of a reusable handle and shaft and a disposable probe. The tip of the probe is optimized for better mechanical stability and can be used in two directions (180°). The reusable shaft has an ergonomic design and can be hold in different positions to ensure optimal positioning at the target. Different shaft length (250 and 320 mm) are available.



Efficient and convenient: The TESSYS® disposable access kit

For easy handling joimax® has designed the Disposable Access Kit. It ensures the supply of all sterile disposable instruments and reduces working time. The TESSYS® Access Kit contains all the necessary disposable products for a single application, including needles, syringes, dishes, markers, scalpel, guide wires, endoscope caps and special color coded reamers. For each surgical treatment these instruments are needed. Therefore, these kits ease the organization and the process of a TESSYS® surgery.

TDAK Access Kit

The advantages:

  • Sterile material – matched to your intervention
  • Shorter surgical preparation time
  • Reduced effort and cost to individual components