standard-title TESSYS® OR iLESSYS®


When to use TESSYS® and when to use iLESSYS® ?

TESSYS® and iLESSYS® offer two alternative minimally invasive endoscopic approaches to the spinal canal. Generally all lumbar levels can be treated with either approach.
Transforaminal access to the spinal canal is mostly preferred by experienced users for all pathology in the ventral and lateral spinal canal and the foramina.

The interlaminar approach is indispensable for pathology dorsal to the dura but may also be preferred in levels L4/5 and L5/S1. There the interlaminar window is large enough to allow visualization with minimal bone removal and very limited resection of the ligamentum flavum.



The 360° decompression of the spinal canal: 2 types of access – 1 goal

While in most cases of disc surgery either a transforaminal or an interlaminar approach will be used, in spinal stenosis the concomitant use of both techniques might be helpful. The combination of TESSYS® and iLESSYS® offers the possibility of a 360° decompression of the spinal canal. All regions are accessible from the foramen to the space dorsal to the dura.