iLESSYS® indications for endoscopic spine surgery

The access through the interlaminar foramen is especially suitable for pathologies of the dorsal spinal canal, recess and medial area of the foramen intervertebrale. This includes central stenosis, dorsal facet joint cysts and dorsal or lateral of the dura migrated herniated discs. Furthermore, pathologies at the level L5/S1, which are difficult to reach via the transforaminal approach (usually patients with high pelvic crest, or cranial folded or sequestered disc herniations), are indications.

Cervical the iLESSYS® instrument set can be used for the treatment of dorsal and foraminal pathologies. Access and indications correspond to the Frykholm approach.

For substantial decompression of central stenosis joimax® offers the endoscopic system iLESSYS® Delta.