standard-title CESSYS®


CESSYS® – Cervical Endoscopic Surgical System

The endoscopic system for the treatment of herniated discs in the cervical spine

CESSYS® allows the minimally invasive treatment of cervical disc herniations. It uses an anterolateral approach through the disc space directly to the site of herniation. The intervention can be carried out either under general anesthesia or under monitored anesthesia care (MAC). MAC is generally associated with less anesthesia risks and offers the advantage of immediate patient feedback if there is any contact with the neural structures.

Advantages of cervical endoscopic nucleotomy

  • The intervention is minimally invasive, very gentle and can be carried out under monitored anesthesia care (MAC)
  • By preserving the disc, the natural structure of the segment is preserved
  • No laminotomy required
  • Small incision and minimal scarring
  • No spinal cord manipulation due to a ventral approach
  • Short recovery period
  • Minimal blood loss