standard-title Shrill® BLADES

Shrill® BLADES

Shrill® Blades

Intuitive handling without complex mechanics is the main feature of the innovative flexible joimax® Shrill® Blades. Malleable materials allow for full force transmission, while the striking principle of construction simultaneously guarantees maximum stability.

 shrill bendable endoscope, violet handpiece


  • Safe operating under full endoscopic view with vacuum suction capabilities
  • Gentle ablation of soft tissue (Cysts, Hypertrophic bands) in secure oscillation mode
  • Efficient removal of bone tissue in spinal stenosis and hypertrophied ligamentum flavum
  • Tissue-specific blade designs of the blades (milling, cutting, abrasing)
  • Color coding of the blades for simple identification
  • Depth markings on the blade shafts are added as an additional safety feature

Shrill® Shaver Blades

Different Shaver Blades for optimized and safe resection and ablation work, close to nerval structures.
Blades are made for bone resection, hard and soft tissue ablation.


Color coding of the blades for simple identification:


YELLOW: diamond abrasor for optimal and safest bone resection


RED: for resection of bone tissue, with protection


PURPLE: for resection of bone tissue, with side protection


BLUE: for resection of bone tissue, without protection


GREEN: for ablation of soft tissue



Depth graduation on the blades as additional safety feature

Shrill®  Deflector Shaver Blades

Shaving “around the corner” with the joimax® Deflector Shaver Blades

joimax deflector shaver blade