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Shrill® – Shaver Drill System
Multi-functional Drill and Resection System

shrill console with violet handpiece

The joimax® Shrill® System was developed for the resection of soft and bony tissue of the spinal region.
  • The joimax® Shrill® System consists of a console, a motor handpiece and different sterile Shaver Blades.
  • The device settings can be quickly and easily adjusted on the console, on the handpiece or optionally via foot switch:
    • Rotation speed of 500 – 6000 rpm (JSHP06000) or 500 – 8000 rpm (JSHPP8000)
    • Oscillating, clockwise and counterclockwise rotation mode
    • 6 memory settings for the most common applications
  • Additional functions handpiece Plus (JSHPP8000):
    • Speed regulation directly on the handpiece
    • Automatic activation of oscillating mode by magnetic blade detection


Shrill Blades

Header Shrill bendable blades

Safe handling with full endoscopic view ensured through the Shrill® Blades.
Different Blades for optimized and safe resection and ablation work close to nerval structures.

Integrated suction function for simultaneous irrigation and suction control:

Provides a free and clear view of the operation area.
joimax® offers both a foot switch as well as a handpiece with integrated On/Off button and suction control.  

      • Being able to operate the device using the hand switch makes it possible to handle all blades with much more precision than by using only the foot switch.


Shrill® Shaver Handpieces

Powerful and ergonomic handles with high speed and torque, especially developed for spinal applications.
Autoclavable at 134 ° C / 273° F

The ergonomically designed handpieces are key activated and compatible with all joimax® Shaver Blades.


The handpiece is available in two versions:

Standard (Blue)

The ability to activate the joimax® Shaver handpiece directly ensures a precise and safe use of all key functions (On/Off and speed).
The Suction function with manual control ensures a continuous clear and unobstructed view over the operating field.

shrill handpiece blue


Plus (Purple), for stronger spinal stenosis

The handpiece Plus also offers higher speed, higher torque, direct speed control and an integrated magnetic blade detection for applications with soft tissue.


shrill shaver handpiece vieolet

Universal motor handpiece

This handpiece is suitable for all interventions in spine, orthopedics and traumatology. Wire driver adapter and drill chucks serve as accessories.

universal motor handpiece