standard-title Intracs®



Intraoperative Navigation Tracking & Control System


  • Needle Navigation: Vector-Tip-Target
  • 2D-3D Matching: X-Ray with CT or MRI Merging
  • Endoscope Orientation: Constant View Control

„Navigation on the spot” – the principle of EM navigation

joimax® instruments are navigated directly at the tip using Fiagon’s „chip at the tip” technology which allows tracking of instruments with a diameter in the 1 mm range. To accomplish this, an electromagnetic (EM) field is generated around the site of the operation. The built-in sensors enable tracking of the
instruments and display their position in CT or MRI images.

Navigation is faster, safer and more accurate with Intracs®

Radiation exposure is significantly reduced for both, patient and surgeon, by using EM navigation. The navigated instruments support the surgeon’s interpretation of the patient’s anatomy and increase both accuracy and safety. The learning effect for surgeons in training is bigger. Experienced surgeons can perform standard surgical procedures faster with navigation support as well. Additionally, more complex, especially endoscopic minimally invasive spine procedures, are far easier and safer to perform.



2D-3D Matching


Fixate Localizer K-Wire onto the spinous process
Aquire two X-Ray images with the MapperBelt


Set region of interest in the X-ray images and 3D images and confirm automatic 2D-3D matching


EM field generator

Using EM navigation supports minimally invasive spine procedures in a new way. The EM field generator creates the working area around the patient without impacting image quality or the risk of covering the line of sight, and thus limiting the surgeon’s workspace, as it does using optical navigation systems. The surgeon can track the instruments directly at the tip to support his daily workflow. 


iPad control

The iPad Remote Control enables wireless control of the ­navigation software and preoperative planning. The Remote Control offers the surgeon additional helpful functions such as taking screenshots or recording of video sequences.



Place 18G Needle with inserted ScopePointer



Guidance Target view showing the green-marked target position from the perspective of the needle.


Unique Fiagon technology is used to navigate different joimax® instruments like spinal needles, guiding rods, reamers and the endoscope. This saves additional effort and thus valuable time during operation making the procedure straight forward navigable.


Place reamer with attached Navigation Clip


Fluoroscopy view showing the reamer in a virtual fluoroscopy image.



Insert endoscope with inserted ScopePointer


Software views, showing the field of view of the endoscope in different cross sections (e.g. in the Inline Y View which is aligned to the axial slices).


The endoscope is tracked using the unique ScopePointer – a flexible navigation wire. The endoscopic field of view is displayed in the CT or MRI images. This facilitates the surgeon´s orientation and helps him to confirm the correct positioning in case of poor visibility.






joimax® Endoscopic Tower with Intracs® Navigation Unit

joimax® Endoscopic Tower with Intracs® Navigation and Monitor Unit

Convenient usage

  • The Intracs® System is integrated into the Endoscopic Tower. Existing installations can easily be upgraded with Intracs®.
  • The system allows simple and fast patient registration with common C-arms.
  • Navigation is performed using roadmap information obtained by CT or MRI images.
  • Each operation can be recorded either to USB, to DVD or in a network.
  • Intracs® can be used in different endoscopic spine surgical methods like the transforaminal endoscopic procedure TESSYS® or the interlaminar method iLESSYS®.
  • All the necessary navigation sensors are designed very compact and light. No big sensor-clamps must be installed on the instruments.
  • Intracs® is totally integrated into the existing OR setup. No extra cameras or bulky hardware must be mounted in the operating room.