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Foraminoscope with shrill blade in working channel

Endoscopes – the perfect one for every endoscopic surgery

joimax® offers a wide range of sophisticated, autoclavable endoscopes. The special single cable technology makes the surgeon’s work easier and more flexible. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine conducting examinations and surgeries without the so called “keyhole technique”. So the joimax® developments are guided by the newest scientific research and the needs of surgeons and patients.


joimax® Full HD Endoscopes (autoclavable) for the spinal surgery

Scope, combo and ocular version

joimax® Endoscope in combo version – compatible with joimax® C-Camsource® Cameras




joimax® Endoscope in ocular version – compatible with all standard camera systems



All Endoscopes are designed especially for the intended purpose

Foraminoskope with colored irrigation and working channel, light source and camera


HD Endoscope Table


  • Foraminoscopes for transforaminal procedures (TESSYS® in all its variations)
  • Laminoscopes for interlamiar procedures (iLESSYS®, iLESSYS® Delta)
  • Multiscopes for facet joint denervation
  • Cervical Hybrid Scope as a lightweight endoscope especially designed for cervical procedures
  • Nucleoscopes for intra/transdiscal procedures
  • All endoscopes are 18 minutes autoclavable (Prion program)
  • With the exception of the cervical hybrid scope all joimax® endoscopes are availabe as a combo and dual-cable version
    • C version = single cable (Combo)
    • D version = scope with ocular + Light source (Dual)
  • Compatible to most common systems due to fitting adapters
  • Foraminoscopes and Laminoscopes are available in different specifications, e.g. working length, outer diameter and working channel diameter.

OD = Outer Diameter, ID = Inner Diameter