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D-Camsource® HD LED

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D-Camsource® HD LED | Autoclavable

The D-Camsource® HD LED offers the latest HD camera technology and LED Light Source thus ensures an extremely accurate and sharp representation of images – for maximum safety in surgical applications. In combination with the HD capable joimax® endoscopes and flatscreen monitor, the system provides a constant superior image quality and is continually adapted to meet increasing HD requirements.



HD Camera & LED Light Source System with Dual Cable Technology

HD Camera System


  • High-Definition resolution
  • Superior image brightness
  • High speed auto shutter
  • Fully autoclavable camera head
  • Easy coupling and handling of camera head and HD endoscopes

LED Light Source


  • Latest LED Light technology
  • Long durability (> 7500 h)
  • Cool light for endoscopic spinal treatments



  • Autoclavability of camera head at 134°C/273°F
  • Autoclavability of HD endoscopes