standard-title C-Camsource® HD TWISTER

C-Camsource® HD TWISTER

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C-Camsource® HD Twister – The 5-in-1 System

High resolution imaging with the joimax® C-Camsource® HD Twister Camera System

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The joimax® C-Camsource® HD Twister offers the latest HD technology and thus ensures an extremely accurate and sharp representation of images – for maximum safety in surgical applications. In combination with the HD capable joimax® endoscopes and flatscreen monitors, the system provides a constantly superior image quality and is continually adapted to meet increasing HD requirements.


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HD camera head features

  • Intelligent design – Single cable technology
  • Modern materials for high demands – Kink, shock and break-proof
  • High quality standards

Two different camera heads available

  • Version 1:  Wipeable and soakable, with focus adjustment, scope fixation knobs and function buttons
  • Version 2:  Soakable and sterilizable, with focus adjustment and scope fixation knobs


The 5-in-1 system for endoscopic surgery

The 5-in-1 system consists of an integrated HD camera, a high quality xenon light source and a text generator for marking and documentation. The integrated twister function permits zooming in and rotating of picture details and offers a picture movement function as well as a diaphragm and mask function. For easy data storage the image capture function works with a USB connection.


1. HD Camera

  • High-Definition resolution
  • High focus
  • Superior image brightness
  • Brilliant images

2. Light Source

  • 100 Watt xenon
  • System integrated
  • 6000°K color temperature
  • Continuous color spectrum

3. Twister Function


  • 360° image rotation
  • Pixel-to-screen zoom 50-300% of the real image
  • Image centering function
  • Reset to standard view

4. Documentation


  • Freeze picture
  • Save pictures on USB flash drive

5. Text Generator


  • Fade-in and fade-out function of the textfield
  • Digital marker and aperture
  • Simple marking and commenting